Education Jobs in Luton

Teaching in Luton is so much more than 'just a job'! You can inspire the next generation!

Your efforts will pave the way for future generations of students across Luton Borough, and you will reap the rewards by seeing your students succeed. Having the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives and making a positive difference in their learning and development is an experience you will not soon forget.

You will get extreme job satisfaction. It's one of the few jobs where you see the direct impact of your efforts on those around you - whether it is the student that it finally clicks for, the class that always enjoys your lessons or more!

If you have a passion for a subject, why not try and pass that passion on to the next generation? Bring enthusiasm to your lesson plans with that passion and become a teacher!

You should absolutely consider an education role or graduate role in Luton!

Why work in Luton Borough's Schools

1. Luton are ranked top 5 'most improved borough in the country' for reading, spelling, maths and punctuation.

2. 93% of young people are in education, employment or training.

3. 44 Luton schools are now ranked 44th out of 151 LAs in 2016/17, for progress in secondary schools - Luton used to be ranked 59th!

4. 69% of people surveyed believe that their local schools are performing well and provide good quality education.

Roles that we recruit for include both a permanent introduction to Schools and Academies as well as short and long-term supply cover;

We're looking for qualified teachers for all areas and key stages within our education jobs in Luton. So whatever your specialisation or where you feel most comfortable, we are likely to have the availability! We are also looking for a full range of teaching and classroom assistants meaning that we can also cater to many different types of availability. 

We also are recruiting for Nurseries and looking especially for EYFS qualified and experienced staff.

We have availability in Special schools for Support Assistants as well as within mainstream for SEN students.

We are also looking for staffing in positions within one-to-one tuition and intervention.

If you feel that any of these positions apply to you then reach out and we can help you find your next education job in Luton!

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