Continuing our birthday celebrations, we spoke to Sabie to see how the last year has been for her.

Tell us about your experience with Connect2Luton during the last year?

My past 12 months with C2L have been a whirlwind with various emotions, but in recruitment, you should not expect anything less!

What do you enjoy most about working for Connect2Luton?

The people and the roles!  I am lucky enough to have the variety, I look after any roles from trades to interim senior managers.  I adore my team (this includes the commercial services family also), managers, suppliers and workers!  They make the day go super quick and I have already made some good friends.  My relationships with my LBC managers were recognised from Commercial Services Group and I was awarded the Client Experience Champion.

Looking back over the last year, what has been your highlight?

Being able to internally fill the roles for Luton and making a positive impact for the council.  This was also acknowledged by Commercial Services Group and I was awarded the Impact Award.

In the year, what do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?

Having survived a year and securing two awards I am looking forward to continuing with my career with C2L, Luton Borough Council and Commercial Services Group.

How has it been launching Connect2Luton during a pandemic?

It was tough but we have managed to do it and feel like we can now get through anything!

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